Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Incorporated in 1979, Maclean has over 36 years of expertise in creating a clean, safe and comfortable workplace that support our client to focus on their core revenue-generating businesses. 

A well-established name in the cleaning industry, Maclean has over 200 clients from various market segments; hypermarkets, 3S centres, warehouses, factories, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings and many more, hiring over 2000 full time service crew. Maclean is a ISO9001 certified service provider, and a member of the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) where members must adhere to the Members Code of Ethics.

About Us | We are Maclean 1
About Us | We are Maclean 2

Excellent service does not stop at cleaning but includes a team of reliable, responsive and resourceful service crew to add value and convenience to our clients. Our purpose statement; engaging leading individuals to pursue service excellence; drives everything we do in our business.

Maclean empowers its people to pursue service excellence, and encourages its people to live our TACT values in our pursuit for growth, service innovation and customer satisfaction.

Every client’s need is unique and every workplace has its operational limitations. We provide customised cleaning solutions to meet your needs.


Our TACT Values

About Us | Trust & Respect

Trust & Respect

We promote trust & respect, the foundation that our relationships are build on.

About Us | Action-Oriented


We encourage our people to think strategically, make decisions and to prioritize results over processes.

About Us | Committed To Each Other

Committed to Each Other

We commit to each other to listen first, promote efficient communication, support and help each other to deliver.

About Us | Thrive For Success

Thrive for Success

We win people over. We ask "What more can we do?" all the time.