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Why maclean?

Over 40 years of experience in the cleaning business
Cleaning crew trained to meet local KKM and international standards of CDC, EPA and NEA
Use of CDC, EPA and NEA-approved industrial-strength products

Cleaning is a process to remove dirt, dust, and microorganisms off a surface, whereas disinfecting is a process to eliminate bacteria and virus (pathogens) and prevent contaminations. Both processes serve two different purposes that are crucial in ensuring your workplace or home is completely cleared of COVID-19.

At maclean, our team of professionals will conduct a thorough cleaning of your premise to remove any dirt, dust and microorganisms that will hinder the efficacy of disinfectant solutions. Once the premise is cleaned, aerial disinfecting in the form of misting will be conducted to cover hard-to-reach areas followed by surface disinfecting to cover all high-traffic touch point areas. This combination of our cleaning and disinfecting methods ensures that your entire premise is fully sanitised. 

With over 40 years of experience in eliminating harmful bacteria, germs and viruses in various environments, maclean continues to strive in improving cleaning and disinfecting methods and personnel training to meet the arising needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Solutions

photo of maclean professional cleaning

Deep Cleaning

“Clean first before disinfecting.” - this is what we believe in. Cleaning your premise before disinfecting ensures that all infected areas are fully sanitised.

Wiping, washing and scrubbing surfaces with detergents and surfactants, followed by water rinsing, significantly removes dirt, dust, and microorganisms. If these elements are not removed from surface areas, the disinfectant efficacy would be compromised. This is why we recommend a thorough cleaning session as the first step, in conjunction with our aerial and surface disinfection services.
photo of maclean professional cleaning

Surface Disinfecting

Surface disinfecting must be conducted after cleaning, so that a barrier of protection is built to defend your premise against further contamination from harmful pathogens.  All surfaces will be disinfected, especially in high-traffic or commonly used areas, to prevent and reduce chances of contamination or infections.

Surface disinfecting is a wet wiping process. A clean cloth is used, soaked with disinfectant and wet wiped on cleaned surfaces, applying the disinfectant on surfaces, which is then left to dry so that the residue forms a protective layer. All used cloths are safely discarded into biohazard bins aligned to the proper process prescribed by OSHA.

photo of maclean professional cleaning

Aerial Disinfecting

Commonly known as “misting” or “fogging”, this process involves dispensing disinfectant at below 50 micron molecule (ultra low volume ULV) into the air using a misting machine. The micromolecule disinfectant floating in the air will then settle onto surfaces, cracks and crevices as it is carried and moved by air currents. This ensures that the disinfectant is able to permeate hard to reach surfaces. The disinfectant used in our misting process is neutral based and non-corrosive.

Misting is cost-effective and efficient, causes minimal disruptions and the results are immediate with lasting benefits as the fine mist lingers in the air to eliminate airborne pathogens and on surfaces.

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How do we do it?


Before disinfection commences, we conduct a routine precaution check with you to ensure that your premise is ready for disinfection.


Once the premise is ready, maclean’s highly trained crew fully equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), are disinfected before entering your premise.


Our crew will start with a deep cleaning process that will remove all dirt, debris and organic materials from surfaces.


Surface disinfection will then commence starting from the innermost corner, moving out towards the exit points.  All high touch surfaces eg. tables, doorknobs, cabinets, chairs and floors will be wiped down with disinfectant solutions.


Aerial disinfection in the form of misting is then conducted, with disinfectant solutions dispersed into the air, ensuring all areas are disinfected, including hard-to-reach corners, ceilings, walls, furniture and floors.


Upon completion, the enclosed treated premise must be sealed off for a minimum of 24 hours before re-entry is allowed, as instructed by the KKM guideline.

Who would benefit?

Our comprehensive disinfection service is available and ideal for these premises:

Corporate Office
Clean Room
If your premise type isn’t listed here, get in touch with us and we will work out the best method for you.


How often should cleaning and disinfecting be done?

How long will the treated premise be sealed off before re-entry is allowed?

How long does the effect of disinfecting last?

Can disinfecting kill Covid-19?

In suspected/confirmed cases, what should we do?

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