The CSI of a Clean-Up Job

The CSI of a Clean-Up Job

A robbery suspect is on the run, pursued by the police. At a busy street corner, he pulls out a gun. The policeman order him to drop the gun but he refuses. They fire six shots and kill him.

Business Savvy

The President of Entrepreneurs’ Organisation of Malaysia Simon Lim, who is also CEO of Maclean, shares his enterprising journey with AUDREY WONG.


                       Maclean Services Group CEO Simon Lim discusses  - Differentiate from the listed company Maclean; - How it started - inherited business - challenges; - Labour as biggest challenge - supply - quality - motivation; - Minimum wage - issues; - Client sectors - Retail - building - factory - in that order; - Management - productivity tweaks; - Rockefeller habits: details; - Revenues 24m - profits 1.4m - 2012 - margins -- compression - outlook; - Expansion Plans - list - trade sale.           

Cleaning the New, New Profession of Choice


     Simon Lim from Maclean Services talks about his journey as an entrepreneur employing the Rockefeller Habits and the upcoming EO Taipan Conference.        

Employing the Rockefeller Habits, Simon Lim from Maclean Services