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Carpet Cleaning: Can I Do It Myself?

Carpet Cleaning: Can I Do It Myself?

Offices and business premises these days are designed to create a welcoming space for employees, business partners, vendors as well as potential candidates. A well designed, clean and healthy office plays a vital role in collaboration, innovation and productivity for both employers and employees alike. It can also act as a space where employees can work and relax at the same time.

Often times, businesses employ the use of carpets to elevate the look and feel and reduce the traffic noise of their offices. However, as good as they may look, carpets are magnets of dust, mold and mildews. Maintaining clean carpets in busy commercial environments involves more than just the simple periodic use of vacuum cleaners. Vacuuming can only clean the surface and pick up only a fraction of what has settled deep into the carpet pile. Having said that, we do recommend that carpets are vacuumed at least once a week for small offices with less than 20 headcount, three times weekly for medium sized offices with 20 to 40 headcount, and daily for large offices with about 40 headcount.

Carpets in commercial spaces are constantly subjected to daily use – they are constantly being walked on with dirty soles and spilled with beverage stains. Many people think that vigorous manual scrubbing or rubbing carpets will help to remove stains. In actual fact, scrubbing carpets with a brush or rag will push the dirt down further, thus damaging the carpet fibres.

The trapped dirt grit wears away carpet fibres and will flatten over time because of fibre abrasion, which would eventually lead to fibre loss and thus significantly reducing the carpet’s lifespan.  

Because carpets are often soiled with dirt, oils and grime, we highly recommend regular extraction cleaning for your carpets . Some of the major concerns with do-it-yourself carpet cleaning or having non-professionals attempt carpet cleaning would be “over-wetting” and “over-shampooing” of the carpets. “Over-wetting” creates discolouration, shrinking, mold and mildew issues while “over-shampooing” leads to sticky chemical residue build-up that will turn carpets into a dirt magnet.

The frequency of carpet extraction cleaning highly depends on the location of the carpets. Carpets in high traffic areas such as office lobbies, reception areas, pantries and general walkways require more cleaning frequencies of at least once a quarter, while generally low traffic office areas and far away sections of the office may only entail half-yearly or yearly extraction cleaning.

Maclean specializes in carpet extraction cleaning for residential and commercial spaces. We use top of the line Carpet Extraction Cleaning system that not only removes allergens, dirt, and grime from the carpet, but can also help to increase the life expectancy of the carpet by removing the abrasive grit that harms carpet fibres. Maclean’s Carpet Extraction Cleaning system includes the following steps:

Our professional equipment and trained crew with years of experience and know-how are always available, and they will be able to recommend the right carpet cleaning procedure for each space. We also ensure that the quantity of cleaning solution is accurately dispensed to avoid leaving chemical residues which cause carpets to feel slimy or sticky.

Maclean’s Carpet Extraction Cleaning is a powerful system that cleans carpets thoroughly with four detailed steps involved. When performing a carpet cleaning routine, we do not take shortcut – our team ensures that every necessary step is meticulously executed. The steps complement each other to enhance the effectiveness of the carpet cleaning process. Due to the attention to detail put into these steps, Maclean’s carpet cleaning service could take up to a few hours, or even a whole day, from start to finish. Having said that, we understand that your business run on a tight schedule, and we can easily work around your schedule in order to accommodate you. We pride ourselves in being able to help you in maintaining the beautiful look and feel of your office carpets, while providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for your employees to thrive on.

For more information on Maclean’s carpet extraction cleaning services, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-7773 0300 or drop us an e-mail at


Jan 2023
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