Our Promise

Together, we go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver the highest level of service and quality to suit your needs.

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Trust in our fastidious attitude to perform the required services any time, all the time.


At your every beck and call to respond to situations no matter the size of impact.


Leave it to us to go the extra mile to resolve situations that arise.

Our Heritage

With over 40 years of experience and legacy in Malaysia, our foundations were built on a belief of cleaning not only your premises but the world to provide a better and safer environment for our future generations.

1971 - 1979

The Start of A Legacy

maclean started as a family business cleaning premises of many multinational companies during the flash floods in 1971. In 1979, maclean was officially established.

1980 - 1983

The Dawn of a New Industry

In the early 1980s, businesses began outsourcing their non-core business functions such as cleaning of their workplace, maclean was well positioned to meet the market demand.

1984 - 1989

Moving Forward

Pioneering the cleaning industry in Malaysia, maclean owned 70% market share by 1988. Our portfolio consisted of corporate buildings, transportation hubs, manufacturing, construction, education and entertainment.

1990 - 1996

Unprecedented Growth

Malaysia’s economy experienced a period of broad diversification, sustained rapid growth and saw an influx of foreign investments at the start of the 90s. maclean was able to ride this economic wave and as our country grew, we grew along with it. In 1995, maclean grew even more as the current CEO, Simon Lim, joined the family business and managed to secure Siemens as a client.

1997 - 1999

Legacy Reinvented

maclean faced challenges during the 1997 financial crisis. We unlearned and relearned our business, improved operational visibility, implemented stringent financial management and zero bribe policy. We were also appointed as the official cleaning company for the 1998 Commonwealth Games and the 1999 Malaysian Grand Prix.

2000 - 2007

Evolution for the Future

At the turn of the millennium, Malaysia attracted huge foreign invesments in ICT, microelectronic manufacturing, and modern retailing. During this period, maclean shifted focus to the retail and manufacturing industries, invested heavily in training and advanced machinery.

2008 - 2010

We Want Results, We Measure It

maclean achieved ISO certification and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) compliance. To further improve operational visibility and service quality, maclean created the 100-point service and safety audit to ensure service quality and safety standards are met.

2011 - 2016

Redefining The Industry

maclean began working with the healthcare industry; pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, we strengthened our corporate governance, ensured compliance to meet industry standards, Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to deliver sustainable success for our clients.

2017 - Present

Rising Above and Beyond

We believe in leaving a better world to our children. We are committed to making a sustainable impact on the community that we work with, live in and play together. maclean is built on a sustainable work culture to create career opportunities for the poor to own their first home and provide a conducive environment for inspired living.

Our Greatest Assets

Our people are our greatest assets, which is why we pride ourselves on training and growing the most talented workforce in Malaysia.

It is on our never ending pursuit of perfection that we constantly innovate and adapt to the changing times, which is why we also heavily invest in technology for the latest machinery to ensure that we live up to our promise to you.

Senior Management Team

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Simon Lim

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Bryan Lim
maclean Services

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Alfred Lum
maclean Initial

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Iris Kow
Head of Training,
Safety and Audit

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Vivian Cheh
Head of Marketing

Rajesh Baboo
Head of Human Resources

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Management Team

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Hsu GC
Finance and Admin Manager

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Sharon Wong
HR Manager

Jesslyn Leong
Marketing Manager

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Melvin Lee
Operation Manager
maclean Initial

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Gloria Sima
Operation Manager
maclean Services

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Operation Manager
maclean Services

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Simon Chen
Operation Manager
maclean Services

Our Values

Trust and Respect

We promote trust and respect, the foundations that our relationships are built on.

Action Oriented

We encourage our people to think strategically, make decisions and prioritize results over processes

Committed to each other

To listen first, promote efficient communication, support and help each other to deliver the best.

Thrive for success

We win people over. We ask “What more can we do?”