Stay Virus-free with Advanced, Touch-free Electrostatic Technology

Stay Virus-free with Advanced, Touch-free Electrostatic Technology

In early 2021, the White House was abuzz with movement, not only because the Biden administration was taking over as the successor of Trump’s administration amidst a pandemic, but also because a building-wide deep cleaning and disinfection process was called upon, following two Covid-19 outbreaks that led to ex-President Donald Trump and several members of his staff and family becoming infected with the deadly virus.

The New Electrostatic Technologies

Is it truly possible for the 55,000 square foot Executive Mansion to be germ-free and fully disinfected prior to the Bidens moving in? The answer is yes! Cleaning and disinfection processes are ever evolving and the discovery of innovative technologies for this very purpose play an extremely important role, especially in times of the Covid-19 crisis. The introduction of electrostatic technologies to the cleaning industry offers advanced methods of disinfection while maintaining cost efficiencies.

As the airborne Covid-19 virus can spread through surface-touching and human contact, the electrostatic sprayer is able to dispense germs, preventatives and disinfectants to coat all types of surfaces and crevices for a completely clean and even coverage. Although traditional wipes and trigger sprays are effective, this process requires significant effort and time and may be prone to missed surfaces.

How Does it Work?

Electrostatic sprayers apply a positive charge to liquid disinfectants as they pass through the nozzle. The positively charged disinfectant is attracted to negatively charged surfaces, allowing for effective coating of all types of surfaces, including hard to reach crevices. 

Touch-Free Technology

A big advantage of electrostatic spraying is that it is touch-free thereby eliminating cross-contamination and can coat every surface in a wide area quickly and evenly. Using an electrostatic sprayer also reduces the time it takes to cover and disinfect all surfaces allowing businesses and offices to be reopened sooner. Applying chemicals in small microns eliminates the dangers of overuse and reduces wastage while improving infection control and the spread of viruses and bacteria, which is crucial to prevent the spread of viral pathogens.

Cleaning and Disinfecting for Your Business

As we all know, there is no foreseeable end for this pandemic, with many industries already suffering the consequences. Cleaning takes on a whole different meaning – new technologies will be implemented not just to clean facilities and spaces but also to kill germs, viruses and bacteria. Cleaning crew at venues such as supermarkets, airports, hotels and theatres used to perform their duties in an inconspicuous manner, but these days, customers and visitors find it reassuring to be able to see the cleaning crew visible at all times. Covid-19 has not only truly changed how people think, but also the way people work.

The Victory Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer

maclean has conducted extensive research on the Electrostatic Sprayer, and we have incorporated it into a holistic cleaning and disinfecting solution that is proprietary to us. Our apparatus of choice is the USA-designed patented technology Victory Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer, a device that covers and disinfects surfaces quickly, evenly and effectively.

Professionally Trained Service Crew

In addition to that, maclean's service crew undergo cleaning proficiency training modules designed by our Training, Safety & Audit Department, based on British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) programs, making our team one of the most professional in the field. The training provides us with an outstanding ability to identify and correctly administer the necessary cleaning and disinfection needed to contain and prevent outbreaks. With consistent training and upskilling, our crew was able to efficiently clean and disinfect 10 million square feet of space last year.

Explore Electrostatic Technology with Us Today

The innovation of the electrostatic technology in the cleaning industry is indeed a progressive new weapon in our fight against the prolonged Covid-19 virus and other infectious diseases. Should you require more information on our electrostatic disinfection services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to address your queries.

Beyond Cost Effective Solutions

“Thank you, Maclean team, for the good support and on time completion of the cleaning activities as required at the Phase 2 cafeteria and Phase 2 new wing office floor without any delays which met client satisfaction.”


“The final cleaning has come to an end today. We appreciate your team's full commitment and cooperation in ensuring the successful completion of the cleaning work at Plot H. Your site person in charge and his team has performed well throughout the cleaning period. Their prompt response and action as well as their workmanship on the end-product satisfied us.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to first, thank you for the 9 years of services to the hospital. Maclean has offered a top-level cleaning service with the magnificent team of client service right down to the cleaner.

I am particularly writing to appreciate the cleaner, namely BAL BAHADUR, M. SUMON and MASLINDAH for their professionalism and exceptional work ethic. They are punctual, dependable and presented with more than what has been asked of them.”


“We are writing to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional work of the cleaning crew who was responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of our office premises. Over the past few weeks, we have observed the excellent work that Nur Alom has been doing, and we must say that his dedication and professionalism are truly commendable.

I have personally witnessed Nur Alom going the extra miles to ensure that the office is clean and hygienic especially during these challenging times post pandemic. His commitment to maintaining a clean and safe environment has been exceptional, and he has made a significant contribution to keep our workplace safe and healthy for all employees. “


“We would like to express our thanks towards janitor Suriakala for excellent cleaning services rendered during Deep Cleaning activities on 14th and 28th January 2023. As well, we find her job deliverance is excellent and committed on daily routine tasks.

Hereby, we extend our thanks to Bobby, Fahmi for their prompt response of any inquiries and replacement planning during janitor's absence. We are also thankful to be supported by the Maclean team for

  • deep cleaning upholstery office chairs, sofa
  • fabric wall meeting rooms
  • fabric cubicle – employee workstation areas
  • lobby reception, breakout area, workstation area
  • floor scrubbing at carpeted area total approximately 3,617sqft
  • floor scrubbing at pantry vinyl floor area"

“Excellent cleaning services. Prompt response of any inquiries and fast planning during your janitor on leave”


“Excellent service during the summer break for the school opening preparations - efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on the housekeeping service.”


Our Supervisors and Crew Are Well Trained

“I received a verbal compliment from client on Crew’s performance & improvement after we had engagement meeting. Well done and keep up the good work!”


“Services provided by the crew on site was good and amazing, especially the head of the crew obviously showing his excellent performance on managing his team that provided high quality cleanliness service throughout the year. They have shown a great team spirit and hope this can continue and maintained in future. I would also take this opportunity to congratulate Miss Nadia who trained such a good team and of course your good services to our company as well.”


“Thank you very much for the team you lead! Professional and high efficiency!”


“Convey our outmost appreciations for the excellent service provided to our team in Bayan Lepas. Your team, which is Samy and his supportive team, have been doing great jobs & supported us. Samy has been committed to all the tasks given with fast response from him & the teams.”


“Formally and sincerely express our gratitude for the amazing honesty your team shown during recently lost and found case. Nurhayati Binti Abdullah had shown exceptional discipline and dedication to her daily work. Her actions directly impacted our image and Maclean directly benefited the team and company on a greater level. Once again, thank you for the leadership shown by Maclean’s management team – Kak Mis on the diligence and integrity adopted for all the team on the site.”


“Layanan yang sangat baik, berdisiplin, komited, sabar, berbudi bahasa dan sentiasa positif.”

3S Centre

“Thank You for the Good Service. I would like to express my deep appreciation for the women who are doing the cleaning at our premise. I am very satisfied with their work! I would like to thank Diana (supervisor) and Sajib who always monitor and ensure someone to cover when the cleaners go on leave. Good teamwork and dependable.”


We Are Well Versed with Various Industry Compliancy Requirements

“Congratulations “Maclean Team” as all cleaners have successfully passed the EHS training that was conducted on site.

We are satisfied with their service”


“Thanks for your team’s kind support to maintain the cleanliness of our LMM plant during our two important events:

(1) EHS Corporate Audit

(2) EHS Plan Forum Recognition”


“Thank you very much for giving 100% support and for ensuring we followed and maintained proper social distancing amid the events.”


“Gratitude for Maclean’s performance and support during our compliance audit held last October. Maclean’s team has made so much effort in order to keep our business running with full compliance. It's a good image that we comply to every legal requirement that was relevant with Maclean’s help. Maimunah has been key player into this Audit weeks.”


“Many thanks to Zura for the last compliance audit which covered compliance in pharmaceuticals.”


“Our management would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for the excellent service provided to our facility especially for the fresh goods department, for maintaining cleanliness as per our standard.”


“Able to answer questions from Auditor during ISO Audit.”


Understanding Urgency and Providing Personalised Attention

“We would like to extend our greatest appreciation to you and your team for all the hard work going the extra mile ensuring everything is ready for the event. We know there were a quite a bit of last-minute requests, but you guys managed to extend your excellent service and that made a difference definitely. We appreciate your contribution and management also relay their appreciation and gratitude to all the Janitor team. Thank you so much for being good support for this event and hope this good performance can be maintained.”


“Hope you are doing great. For the past few months Samy Rau has been supervising our Penang location. We are very grateful that he has been showing his interest and helping me to solve a lot of problems. His presence here during the site visit has made us able to voice up regarding most issues directly. Most pending issues have been resolved. We hope that we will make a better team in future.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Samy and the team, especially Ali Raihan, Sajib Sikdar and all Maclean team members for helping our team on the water leaking issue that happened. Their fast respond to our call during midnight and coming to help us to handle the situation. Keep it up and continue to work together and support our Facilities team.”


“They are remarkable with their attitudes. The way they go above and beyond to ensure that all our events are presented well, their sense of collaboration and attention to detail is greatly valued.”


“I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by your team on site especially team leader, Maimunah in supporting several occasions of main event. They have been supportive in terms of logistic, pre-event preparation and on top of that making the event running smoothly.

Please pass my appreciation to Maimunah, Sulaiman, Susilawati and Haipah for their support.”


In addition to the above, we are proud and grateful to receive 2 awards from CBRE:

  • Exceptional Service Award 2022 
  • Best Safety and Covid Response Award 2022

So, try us out and experience the Maclean service first-hand. 

To find out more on how we give you the best value for your budget without compromising your health or safety, please connect with us at 03-7773 0300 or

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