Maintenance Cleaning

First impression matters. A clean workplace reflects professionalism and seriousness in businesses. It tells your potential clients, candidates and employees that you care not just about their health and safety but also, your brand message. By creating a clean and safe work environment, it helps to produce a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

photo of maclean professional cleaning

At maclean, we provide our clients with a full-service from the simple; office cleaning; to the more demanding; cleanroom service. Our experience in maintenance cleaning makes us well-prepared for various types of workplace and businesses, from corporate offices, to luxury hotels, shopping malls, manufacturing plants, schools, airport, train stations, and more.

photo of maclean professional cleaning

Our crew of maintenance cleaners are required to attend 20 hours of cleaning proficiency training before they begin their duties at your premise. In the training sessions, we not only train our cleaners on cleaning methods and procedures, but also instil in them the safe work attitude, work etiquette, and language proficiency. Our aim is to integrate our cleaners seamlessly into your workforce and reflect the positivity of your company.

photo of maclean professional training
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