Office Cleaning & Tea Lady Service

For many of your employees, they are likely to spend more time in the office than they do at home. It is important for an employer to make their hours in the office as comfortable as possible. A dirty office is not a comfortable office. Many researches have proven that a clean and well-maintained office lower employee illness related absenteeism and increase staff morale.

photo of an office

The first step is to have a clean and well-maintained work environment by ensuring that there is no odour or pest in the office. Secondly, keep your pantry stocked with healthy refreshments and snacks as employees will need to take a quick break every now and again. To take it a step further, you could engage maclean’s office cleaning and tea lady services, which will help you ensure that both points are met.

photo of maclean professional cleaning

Our office cleaning and tea lady service teams have valuable working experience and will integrate themselves seamlessly into your company. They are trained to complete their cleaning and service duties around your employees and clients without disrupting their work. Having a regular tea lady will also boost productivity as your employees won’t have to spend valuable time preparing refreshments for themselves and their guests.

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