Post-Construction Cleaning

Constructions and renovations are messy affairs. Often times there will be clutter and debris leftover by workers and materials used during the process. This isn’t just unappealing but it is also hazardous when left unchecked. Debris such as broken glass and rusty metals are easier to spot and dispose but it’s the hidden dust and particles that require a thorough clean.

photo of maclean professional cleaning

Debris such as sawdust, cut-wire, broken glass, wood planks, rusty nails and metals are easy to spot and dispose but can cause injuries if it isn’t handled with care. A bigger concern would be things that can’t be seen with the naked eye, such as micro-dust, particles, odours and fumes leftover from cement, wood and silicon, paint or other chemicals, which are hazardous to health.

photo of maclean professional cleaning

maclean specialises in post construction cleaning for apartments, office buildings and new construction projects. We have the expertise in intensive cleaning of hard floors, natural stone finishes, air ventilation, cement stains, plaster stains, paint stains, silicon stains, and delicate fixtures to ensure that your building isn’t just clean, but also in good working condition. We understand that it takes more than a single cleaning session to get rid of dust, cement stains and faecal matter so our standard practice is to clean a project in two phases; an initial and a final cleaning. With maclean’s post construction cleaning services, your building will be safe and ready for stakeholders and investors.

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