Waste Disposal Service

Going green or being more conscious of our environment has now become a necessity. Everyone is encouraged to do their part to help protect and preserve our environment and resources. This is a value that is a priority for all of us at maclean and is reflected in our waste disposal service.

photo of maclean professional cleaning

We work closely with our clients to provide you with a comprehensive and efficient waste disposal program. We begin with mapping the traffic flow and identifying strategic locations to place the right number of waste bins to provide convenience to your employees and encourage segregation of waste. We devise the disposal timing and route to the holding chamber that is best suited to your workplace. On top of waste segregation from general waste to recyclable waste, we manage the general and recyclable waste collection vendors to ensure that they come on time, so that an overflow does not occur in the holding chamber. To keep the holding chamber clean and fresh, we pressure-jet wash and disinfect the holding chamber after every collection.

photo of maclean professional cleaning

Beside general and recyclable waste, we are also equipped to manage hazardous and toxic waste disposal. By working closely with your EHS team, we strive to make the waste disposal process as painless and seamless as possible so that it does not interfere with your team’s productivity.

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