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Maintenance Cleaning

First impression matters. A clean workplace reflects professionalism and seriousness in businesses. It tells your potential clients, candidates and employees that you care not just about their health and safety but also, your brand message. By creating a clean and safe work environment, it helps to produce a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

At maclean, we provide our clients with a full-service from the simple; office cleaning; to the more demanding; cleanroom service. Our experience in maintenance cleaning makes us well-prepared for various types of workplace and businesses, from corporate offices, to luxury hotels, shopping malls, manufacturing plants, schools, airport, train stations, and more. 

Our crew of maintenance cleaners are required to attend 20 hours of cleaning proficiency training before they begin their duties at your premise. In the training sessions, we not only train our cleaners on cleaning methods and procedures, but also instil in them the safe work attitude, work etiquette, and language proficiency. Our aim is to integrate our cleaners seamlessly into your workforce and reflect the positivity of your company.

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Post-Construction Cleaning

Constructions and renovations are messy affairs. Often times there will be clutter and debris leftover by workers and materials used during the process. This isn’t just unappealing but it is also hazardous when left unchecked. Debris such as broken glass and rusty metals are easier to spot and dispose but it’s the hidden dust and particles that require a thorough clean.

Debris such as sawdust, cut-wire, broken glass, wood planks, rusty nails and metals are easy to spot and dispose but can cause injuries if it isn’t handled with care. A bigger concern would be things that can’t be seen with the naked eye, such as micro-dust, particles, odours and fumes leftover from cement, wood and silicon, paint or other chemicals, which are hazardous to health.

maclean specialises in post construction cleaning for apartments, office buildings and new construction projects. We have the expertise in intensive cleaning of hard floors, natural stone finishes, air ventilation, cement stains, plaster stains, paint stains, silicon stains, and delicate fixtures to ensure that your building isn’t just clean, but also in good working condition. We understand that it takes more than a single cleaning session to get rid of dust, cement stains and faecal matter so our standard practice is to clean a project in two phases; an initial and a final cleaning. With maclean’s post construction cleaning services, your building will be safe and ready for stakeholders and investors.

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External Facade Cleaning

Due to the tropical climate and weather of Malaysia, keeping your building’s facade clean can be a challenge. The constant rain and sunshine causes paint to fade quickly and you might even find growth of moss and fungus. In areas with constant vehicular traffic, dust is easily kicked up and blurs up your once majestic full-length windows.

A building with a worn-out and dirty facade usually portrays a poor brand image, and it doesn’t give the best impression to your customers. At maclean we understand that external facade cleaning isn’t the easiest and safest of tasks, which is why we are here to help you keep your building looking pristine.

When it comes to cleaning facades, safety is our utmost priority. Our facade cleaning team is highly-trained and skilled in erecting scaffoldings, operating skylifts and gondolas, and preventive safety measures. We constantly ensure that every safety precaution and measure is adhered to, and the right chemicals, tools and methods are used for different facade finishes, be it glass, concrete, natural stone, tiles, stainless steel and aluminium claddings.

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Office Cleaning & Tea Lady Service

For many of your employees, they are likely to spend more time in the office than they do at home. It is important for an employer to make their hours in the office as comfortable as possible. A dirty office is not a comfortable office. Many researches have proven that a clean and well-maintained office lower employee illness related absenteeism and increase staff morale.

The first step is to have a clean and well-maintained work environment by ensuring that there is no odour or pest in the office. Secondly, keep your pantry stocked with healthy refreshments and snacks as employees will need to take a quick break every now and again. To take it a step further, you could engage maclean’s office cleaning and tea lady services, which will help you ensure that both points are met.

Our office cleaning and tea lady service teams have valuable working experience and will integrate themselves seamlessly into your company. They are trained to complete their cleaning and service duties around your employees and clients without disrupting their work. Having a regular tea lady will also boost productivity as your employees won’t have to spend valuable time preparing refreshments for themselves and their guests.

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Spring Cleaning

Decluttering and spring cleaning your home is a necessary and yet daunting task. There’s the problem of not knowing where to start and also the unwillingness to get rid of things due to sentimental values. Another reason could be due to the lack of time because of your busy schedule.

However, as more and more things pile up in your home, it could lead to even bigger issues such as pests making homes in boxes and dust collecting in the nooks and crannies. For families with children, asthma patients or members sensitive to dust and allergens, something so small could lead to much bigger problems.

So, to give yourself and your loved ones a living space that is clean, safe and healthy, allow maclean’s cleaning professionals to give your house the spring cleaning it deserves. Our spring cleaning teams are well-equipped to ensure that every surface, corner and edges will be spotless. Our spring cleaning service is also good for helping you with the aftermath of parties and renovations.

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Stone Care & Restoration

Having a feature wall or flooring made out of natural stone such as marble, quartz and granite adds a touch of class and improves the appearance to your home or office. Another plus side to using stones is that they are more durable and less susceptible to damage compared to fabric, plastic or wood.

However, the sheen and lustre of stones will dull and fade over a period of time. The lack of proper care can also cause even the toughest granite to be chipped or stained. This is where our team of stone care experts come in to prescribe the suitable solution; from buffing to crystallisation to honing; to restore the lustre of your natural stone finishes.

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Disinfecting Service

For majority workplaces and residences, a thorough cleaning would be sufficient to keep the surroundings sanitised. However, in high-traffic environments such as laboratories, schools, manufacturing plants and offices with sharing hotdesks, there is an increased risk of harbouring infectious viruses and bacteria.

Over the years, maclean has disinfected workplaces and residences that have been exposed to SARS, H1N1, HFM and the latest, COVID-19 pathogens. We continue to innovate and upgrade our disinfecting services with the latest methodologies and technologies to keep you and the people around you safe.

Clean first, then disinfect. Maclean follows a rigorous cleaning regime to remove dirt, dust and other microbes from the affected area before we disinfect with approved disinfectants by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Environmental Protection Agency (USA), National Environment Agency (SGP). We customise our solution aligned to your needs with the optimal combination of methods, chemicals and equipment such as the latest electrostatic sprayer or disinfectant wiping for surfaces or the ULV fogger for aerial disinfecting.

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HACCP-Compliant Cleaning

maclean is a HACCP-compliant (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) cleaning company, which means that we are able to meet the strict health and safety standards of this specialised health and food risk control policy. If your company is required to meet the HACCP’s stringent sanitation standards, our highly capable professional unit is ready to help you meet them.

If your business deals with food distribution, production or preparation and want to ensure that what you produce is free from biological, chemical or physical hazards, the HACCP system can help to reduce the risk of contamination in your products. 

Different premises and business types may have their unique cleaning and sanitation procedures that need to be aligned with the HACCP cleaning and sanitation standards. A personalised assessment by our team working with your production team will help to ascertain the cleaning and sanitation needs and outline the requirements for the team to meet the stringent controls and standards.

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Cleanroom Dust Control Service

The slight drop on cleanliness of your cleanroom can disrupt all the hard work and progress your research team has made. Minuscule pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapours are able to cause major disruptions and monetary losses, which is why we understand that maintaining a clean room to its prescribed classification is critical to the success of your business.

maclean cleanroom service eradicates the contaminant particles, and ensure that your cleanroom facilities are according to your specific operation needs that comply with its classification. 

With our customised plans, let us assist you in keeping your cleanroom spic-and-span from contaminant particles caused by people, processes and facilities of the cleanroom to effectively reduce costs, mitigate risks, and ensure the highest quality of your products.

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Static Dissipative Service

Most people are unaware that we create minor static discharge hundreds of times each day. In an industrial environment, these small static events are so small that we don’t notice them, yet they can create destructive results in some work situations. A build-up of static electricity poses a huge safety risk that would incur heavy losses to businesses.

To mitigate these risks, maclean offers a static dissipative floor cleaner that increases the static dissipative capacity with each cleaning.

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets and furniture upholstery are items that require a different approach to cleaning. When they aren’t cleaned properly, allergens, dust and contaminants trapped in them could easily be kicked up and circulated through the air-conditioner in your home or office. Also, when it isn’t dried completely after cleaning, they could produce a musty odour.

maclean is well-experienced with carpet and upholstery cleaning and our carpet & upholstery team are able to handle different fabrics from suede, velvet, synthetic and natural fibre finishes. By using the chemical extraction cleaning method, we remove dirt, particles, stains and odour from your carpets and upholstery, with no excessive moisture left behind after our cleaning process for fast drying.

With our professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service, not only will your carpets and furniture be clean, they will also enjoy a longer lifespan.

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Toilet & Hygiene Service

While the exterior and interior of your building or office may be clean and spotless enough to impress your customers and guests, that good impression can easily go down the drain if your toilets are unsanitary and lowly stocked.

Toilets are high traffic areas and frequent usage means they require constant cleaning and sanitisation. With a regular and thorough toiletry supply and hygiene service, your building and its premises will uphold your business’ reputation and the general public’s perception of your brand.

With maclean’s toiletry and hygiene service, we ensure that toiletries are well-stocked and replenished, feminine sanitary bins are hygienic and air-fresheners to keep your toilets refreshing.

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Pest Control Service

No matter how well you keep your workplace clean, it’s a challenge to keep pests at bay as they usually live and breed in areas that are hardest to observe or reach. Pests may be small but are a nuisance that can cause damage to equipment and health complications.

maclean offers an integrated pest management program to keep your workplace free from pest infestation. Our pest control service team will survey and analyse your property’s layout to identify all cracks and crevices, and the source of the pests problem. Once it has been identified, a tailor-made blitz solution will be conducted to exterminate the pests, and implement measures to prevent further infestation.

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Landscaping Service

Research has shown that having a garden or green space in your workplace reduces stress, increases creativity and productivity, and makes your organisation more attractive to job applicants. Trees and flowers add natural beauty to your workplace and provide people with a space to stretch their bodies and unwind after long hours at work. However, it takes effort to maintain your garden or landscape to its pristine quality.

You can rely on our gardening team to ensure that your garden looks beautiful and serene, from grass cutting, to plant trimming, and pruning. Pruning a plant is often necessary to remove overgrown, damaged or diseased limbs. When pruned properly, the plant heals on its own, the removed branches will not grow back, and the plant will grow what looks like a callous over the pruning cut, which helps protect the plant from decay and infection.

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Waste Disposal Service

Going green or being more conscious of our environment has now become a necessity. Everyone is encouraged to do their part to help protect and preserve our environment and resources. This is a value that is a priority for all of us at maclean and is reflected in our waste disposal service.

We work closely with our clients to provide you with a comprehensive and efficient waste disposal program. We begin with mapping the traffic flow and identifying strategic locations to place the right number of waste bins to provide convenience to your employees and encourage segregation of waste. We devise the disposal timing and route to the holding chamber that is best suited to your workplace. On top of waste segregation from general waste to recyclable waste, we manage the general and recyclable waste collection vendors to ensure that they come on time, so that an overflow does not occur in the holding chamber. To keep the holding chamber clean and fresh, we pressure-jet wash and disinfect the holding chamber after every collection.

Beside general and recyclable waste, we are also equipped to manage hazardous and toxic waste disposal. By working closely with your EHS team, we strive to make the waste disposal process as painless and seamless as possible so that it does not interfere with your team’s productivity.

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Our Solutions

maclean’s solutions are specifically created with the mindset that every challenge of our clients is unique. This is why, regardless of any special needs or services, maclean is ready to create bespoke solutions to cater to the needs of our clients.

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Our Commitment

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